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Doll Museums and Galleries in Russia

a guide for a doll loving traveller

Ekaterina Ziborova, December 2012

For a doll fan visiting Russian Federation there is plenty of things to see! In this guide we made an attempt to summarize the information about the main doll museums and galleries. Please note that doll shops are mentioned in this list ONLY if there is something remarkable beside the dolly goods (e.g. temporary exhibitions, rare dolls etc.)

Check the museums' websites for more information (opening hours, contacts etc).

If you have anything to add or a question to ask, please send us an email at



The "Doll House" Museum (Muzey Kukolnyi Dom)

The oldest doll museum of Russian Federation celebrated its 19th birthday in 2012. It was founded and it still exists because of the efforts of many artists, writers and other famous people from the cultural sphere. It is renowned for its collection of antique dolls with provenance, doll houses, folk dolls, theater dolls. Artist dolls and vintage dolls can also be seen during temporary exhibitions. Much attention is paid to activities for children - excursions, workshops, shows and holidays.
Please check out the opening days and hours here. The museum works only 3 days a week!

Address: Varvarka 14 (subway station Kitay-Gorod, exit to Solyanka, Varvarka & Kitaygorodskiy proezd)


The Museum of Unique Dolls (Muzey Unikalnyh Kukol)

This doll museum is one of the first in Russia. It was founded in 1996 by the theater artist Julia Vishnevskaya who once found a forgotten antique doll among old and neglected things. Julia focused on European dolls that had been manufactured in XIX and early XX century and soon formed a remarkable collection that is considered to be among the largest and most impressive in the country. As well as online blogs and communities dedicated to valuable old dolls, The Museum of Unique Dolls helps to popularize relatively young hobby of antique doll collecting in Russia. Today the Museum contains hundreds of exhibits - dolls, accessories, doll houses etc. from Europe, Russia and Asia. We advise the guests from abroad to pay special attention to rare Russian antique dolls.
English speaking guide services avaliable.

Address: Pokrovka 13, building 2 (subway station Chistye Prudy)


Vakhtanov Doll Gallery

Founded in 1997 by a famous doll collector Irina Myzina and her like-minded enthusiasts, Vakhtanov Doll Gallery was the first in Russia. The contribution of Vakhtanov Gallery to Russian doll culture is enormous, as it was the first gallery that widely popularized doll art in media, introduced the finest artwork by famous doll artists to people of Russia and promoted the creations of many Russian artists who are now renowned worldwide (Dima PJ, Olga Yegupets, Alena Zhirenkina and many others). It is famous for a representativeexposition of art dolls and teddy bears by both Russian and foreign artists. Its annual International Doll and Teddy Bear Exhibition, miniature teddy bear shows and personal exhibitions of talented artists are attended by thousands of doll collectors and admirers. Irina Myzina willingly cooperates with doll shows and communities, charity organizations and mass media, giving life to new impressive projects and bringing the best of Vakhtanov Gallery to temporary exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

Address: Krymskiy Val, 10/14 (subway station Park Kultury)


Doll Collection (Kukolnaya Kollektsiya)

This unique doll space in the heart of Moscow combines the functions of a gallery, a club and a studio. Doll Collection Gallery works in close partnership with the Doll Art Section of Creative Union of Russian Artists. It was founded in 2002 by Elena Gromova and aimed at demonstrating figurative sculpture and unique or short-limited collectible dolls of highest quality that have undoubted artistic value. It would be fair to say that this gallery, being rather small, truly provides the best selection of Russian artistic dolls for different tastes. Here you will find the works by Tatiana Baeva, Alexandra Koukinova, Olga Roehl, Ima Naroditskaya, Vladimir Gvozdev, Nataliya Lopusova-Tomskaya, Nataliya Pobedina, Ekaterina Manshavina, Julia Ralnikova, Sasha Hudiakova and many others. Most of the dolls can be purchased. Doll Collection gallery is famous for its temporary exhibitions where thematically chosen dolls are often shown with other works of modern art - paintings, tapestry, felt panels etc. Every winter there is a traditional Christmas doll show. Besides dolls, you can also buy colorful albums and catalogs of exhibitions some of which are quite rare.

Doll Collection Gallery has a branch in Toronto, Canada (open by appointment).

Moscow - Bolshoy Ovchinnikovskiy 24/4

Toronto - 33 Empress ave. North York, ON


Anastasia Chizhova Gallery

Anastasia Chizhova Gallery, founded in 2006, proudly presents the largest collection of unique porcelain dolls by a renowned Russian doll artist Olina Ventsel. Being a successful stage manager at theaters and motion picture studios and a talented puppet-maker, Olina Ventsel started creating dolls since 1986 and since then, for many times her dolls have been displayed all over the world. Olina's period dolls are admired by adults and kids alike because of their historical authenticity, amazing quality and tender beauty. The majority of them represent famous people in world history and favorite book characters of many generations.

Address: at the moment the gallery moves. Please call for actual information: 8 (495) 605-01-44 or 8 (499) 254-78-08


Obraztsov Puppet Theatre and Museum

This puppet museum was founded in 1937 and currently it houses one of the largest collections in the world - more than 135 000 items overall, including over 3500 puppets from 60 countries of the world and numerous photos, posters, sketches, accessories etc. There is also a lecture centre and a great library of puppet theatre plays and literature about puppet history.

Address: ulitsa Sadovaya-Samotechnaya, 3 (subway stations Tsvetnoy Boulevard, Sucharevskaya, Mayakovskaya)


Doll Space (Prostranstvo Kukol)

One of the youngest doll galleries in Russia. Founded by a famous philanthropist and doll artist Svetlana Pchelnikova, it contains hundreds of art dolls by contemporary artists as well as a number of works of art by world-renowned dollmakers (Marina Bychkova, Laura Scattolini, Yvonne Flipse, Alexandra Koukinova and others). Here you will also see the dolls made especially for the international charity project "Star Doll Parade", designed and decorated by famous people. Several antique dolls can also be admired, and there are different antique goods for sale (lace, postcards). One of the main attractions of this gallery is the opportunity to see and to purchase Russian resin jointed dolls like Milim or StarDolls - a good assortment is usually presented here.
From time to time in Doll Space you can attend doll meetings and shows. Doll Space is also renowned as one of BJD-friendly spaces of the capital where BJD exhibitions and parties take place.

Address: Vetoshny Pereulok, 13 (subway stations Okhotny Ryad, Teatralnaya, Ploshchad Revolyutsii)


Sergey Romanov's Museum Collection

The museum is temporarily closed

This impressive doll and toy collection belongs to the famous toy expert, collector and restorer Sergey Romanov and contains thousands of units of storage, mostly from the XX century. Here you will find popular and rare Soviet items, DDR playthings, antique and vintage Christmas ornaments, kid cars and strollers, construction sets, doll furniture and tableware, thematic dioramas, mechanical toys and a lot of old pictures of kids with their toy friends. Visits by appointment ONLY. Here you can take a look at the museum.

Currently the collection is demonstrated at Moscow Pioneer Palace (Dvorets Pionerov). Address: ulitsa Kosygina, 17, building 4, second floor, room 4-20a. (Subway Station Universitet, exit in the centre of the hall).

Schedule: Monday 10:00-16:00, Thursday 10:00-18:00, Friday 10:00-16:45. The last Friday of the month is cleaning day.

Phone: 8 (499) 137 78 08


Editorial Office Museum (Muzei-redaktsiya)

The doors of this private doll museum were first opened for the visitors in 2012, along with the debute of the first Russian-language magazine about antique dolls "Antique Doll". This museum houses an impressive collection of dolls, with porcelain, wax and pin cushion dolls among them. Here you can also watch rare mechanical dolls in motion. Exhibits come from France, Germany, England, Japan, USA and Russia. Visitors are given the opportunity to study doll literature and get professional advice from the experts. Visits by appointment ONLY.

Address: Kudrinskaya ploshad, d.1 (subway station Barrikadnaya)


Matryoshka Museum

Founded in 2001, this museum houses a bright collection of different matryoshkas - vintage dolls, traditional dolls from Vyatka. Semenov, Sergiev Posad, and the matryoshkas fancifully painted by modern artists. Here the collectors and travellers can also shop for matryoshkas in a large salon and purchase postcards of the museum's exhibits.
Excursions by appointment.

Address: Leontyevsky Pereulok 7 (subway stations Pushkinskaya and Tverskaya) (there is also information that currently the museum is closed on Saturdays) 


Moscow Oblast (region)

Toy Museum (Muzey Igrushki) - Sergiev Posad, Moscow Oblast

The first toy museum in Russia was founded by Nikolai Dmitrievich Bartram, an artist, a collector and a famous museum worker who made every effort to preserve toys of the past and study the history of traditional Russian toy. Today this museum contains an impressive collection of antique wooden toys, toys of clay, antique European toys of XIX-XX century, antique porcelain dolls in Russian folk costumes, Soviet toys, toys of Japan, China, India and Mongolia. This remarkable collection was started by Nikolai Bartram personally because he was convinced that acquaintance with toys of the world will enrich the child's experience.
The Toy Museum still keeps a small part of the famous Tsar's children's collection with legendary Steiner "Tsarina" among them - the few "royal" dolls and toys that haven't vanished in the early 1930's in Soviet orphanages and shelters.

Address: Sergiev Posad, prospekt Krasnoy Armii, 123 (a building on a hill)



Doll Salon - the first large international doll show in Russia (since 2005), 4-day annual show in early October. Art dolls, antique dolls, some teddy bears and vintage dolls, famous foreign guests. The first Russian show where Marina Bychkova participated.

Moscow Fair - 4-day spring international doll and teddy bear show, usually in early April. Before Hello Teddy debuted, Moscow Fair was generally considered the "teddy bear show of the year" because of the accent on teddies and other artist toys.

Hello Teddy - 4-day autumn/winter international teddy bear expo. A big show dedicated to artist teddy bears and friends, projects, workshops and contests.

The Art Of Doll (Iskusstvo Kukly) - 4-day annual show (end of October). It is said that Iskusstvo Kukly is the largest doll show ever. Art projects, artist dolls, antique dolls, some vintage dolls and BJD, accessories both for dolls and people.



Saint Petersburg Toy Museum

Founded in 1997, this private museum is the best place in St.-Petersburg to get acquainted with Russian, European, Asian folk, antique and vintage dolls and toys of XVI-XX centuries. It is especially remarkable for its outstanding collection of Soviet dolls and toys including several prototypes, and a picturesque group of antique dolls (with rare ones that were manufactured in Russian Empire). Antique and vintage doll tableware, furniture, books and accessories are also here, as well as a huge antique dollhouse and an impressive collection of tin toys. Here you can take a look at the museum.

Address: Naberezhnaya Reki Karpovki (Karpovka embankment), 32 (subway station Petrogradskaya)


Saint-Petersburg Doll Museum

This museum exists since 1998. Its eight halls contain numerous objects from several private collections - mostly handmade modern dolls, dolls made by the students of St. Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy, dolls in folk style. The larger part of the exposition is aimed at young visitors but there is also a room of erotic dolls for adults (Frivolous Doll Hall). The museum regularly hosts different exhibitions.

Address: Kamskaya, 8 (Subway station Vasileostrovskaya)


Varvara Skripkina Doll Gallery

Doll collecotor and artist Varvara Skripkina opened this gallery in 2003 to popularize modern doll art in Russia's Northern capital. Here you will see her own works as well as dolls by most renowned St.-Petersburg doll artists like Gulya Alexeeva, Lada Repina, Alexander Zinchenko, Galina Ishimikli and others. Temporary exhibitions are hosted by Varvara Skripkina Doll Gallery several times a year. Varvara's easy temper inspires humorous and creative events like "The Second Life of Chinese Santa" or "The Diversity of Russian Language: God knows what and side bow". Please note that Sunday and Monday are days off!

Address: Bolshaya Morskaya 53/8 (subway station Nevskiy Prospekt, Admiralteiskaya)


Vadim Zverev Gallery

This gallery houses different works of art from one private collection. Here you can see dolls by some of the most famous Russian doll makers - Ekaterina and Elena Popovy, Roman Shustrov, Irina Goryunova, Sasha Hudyakova, Olga Popugayeva and others. The exposition usually includes only a small fragment of the whole collection so it is better to call the gallery before coming, and find out what's there at the moment.

Address: Sikeirosa St., 1 (subway station Ozerki)


Dolly's House

This family-owned collectible doll shop is the first in Russia (since 2005). Provides a wide selection of vintage and modern Barbie dolls, collectible and playline Kathe Kruse dolls, Madame Alexander dolls and selected works of Russian doll and teddy bear artists. Temporary exhibitions are usually dedicated to Teddy bears - personal exhibitions and annual Summer Teddy Expo. The visitors can also see dolls and teddies from the owners' private collection (including true rarities) and leaf through encyclopedias and magazines.

Address: Dolly's House is moving at the moment


International Doll Show DOLL TIME (Vremya Kukol) - twice a year (December and June), a 4-day art doll and teddy bear expo with few antique or vintage items.

The same owners introduce the annual TeddyFun show (february-march), please check the same website for the exact date.

Inernational Teddy Bear Exhibition TeddyMir (TeddyWorld) - twice a year (December/January and the end of spring), mostly artist bears and some Soviet teddies sitting on the shelves. Free admission.



Perm Art Doll Gallery (Permskaya Galereya Avtorskoy Kukly)

Probably the most remarkable of the doll spaces that are located outside Moscow and St.-Petersburg. This gallery was founded in 2005 and united people who were in love with art dolls, with such famous artists as Elena and Ekaterina Popovy, Anna Zueva and Anna Barskaya among them. The gallery often takes part in large international exhibitions demonstrating thematic projects or selected recent works of Perm artists.

Address: Komsomolskiy Prospekt, 36
PLEASE NOTE: the gallery is closed now!


Kaluzhskaya Oblast (region)

Mansion Museum "Bereginya"

This museum was named after Bereginya, type of a traditional Russian doll. This museum houses a private collection of the dollmaker Rimma Yakovlevna Tarasova - more than 2000 traditional dolls from all over the country, mostly cloth dolls. Many of these dolls were recreated from the stories of local residents. Here you will see playthings, cult objects, and dolls in traditional costumes of different regions too. Tour service by appointment.

Address: Kaluzhskaya Oblast, Moscowsky Rayon (district), selo Kozlovo, 1



Museum of Toy and Play

This museum was officially opened on 21st of September, 2012. Most of the toys and dolls belong to 1950-1980s, but earlier toys (even the ones from 19th century) and modern toys and dolls are also present. Special attention is paid to the toys that were wide-spread un USSR, Soviet and DDR dolls.

Address: Morskoy Prospekt 30, second floor



Ekaterina Ziborova,

*** Musée de la poupée et du jouet en Russie (Moscou, Saint-Pétersbourg et autres villes) *** Museum für Puppen und Spielzeug ins Russland (Moskau, St. Petersburg und anderen Städten) *** Museo de Muñecas y Juguetes en Rusia (Moscú, San Petersburgo y otras ciudades) ***